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We are continuously seeking new development opportunities across Kent and other areas of South East England, where we have the local knowledge and expertise to add value to a variety of sites. Skilled in resolving complex development challenges, we are confident in purchasing sites with or without planning permission.

Our creative flair when solving difficult situations means that we often find a solution overlooked by others. We are interested in working with owners of brownfield and greenfield land, commercial and large residential buildings, properties in substantial grounds and large gardens with development potential. You can always expect an open, honest and trustworthy approach when communicating with us.

Our land and planning experts can provide any business or private land owners with professional and confidential advice. We are experienced in working with local planning authorities, construction companies, estate agents and other property professionals and can help you to unlock your land’s true potential.

Depending on your property and it’s location, we can usually offer the following options:

Unconditional Purchase

The simplest and quickest form of purchase. If the purchase price is agreed, our strong funding position means we are able to complete as quickly as possible without enforcing any further purchase conditions that often delay transactions. The benefit to landowners is that they have the security of the purchase without all the risks associated with development.

A building front with scaffolding
Two people working on floor plans

Subject to Planning Purchase

With this option, we would seek to gain planning permission within an agreed timescale before completing the purchase. It usually takes longer than an unconditional purchase, however landowner can expect the sale price to exceed existing market value considerably. Also all planning and professional fees will be funded by us.

Joint Venture and Land Promotion

We provide the landowners with an opportunity to utilise our skills, funding and knowledge to help realise the full potential of their land. The landowner puts their property into the venture and we supply our expertise throughout the planning, construction and sales stages, with us covering all the costs. We have an excellent track record of significantly increasing value of an asset, whether its via change of use, better space optimization or a clever cost management.

a derelict, run down building

If you are interested in learning more and receiving a free, no obligation assessment of your land or property, please fill in the form below and we will be in touch with you shortly. Alternatively, you can also contact us on +44 (0) 7477 874 068 or

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