Investors & Partners

Investors & Partners

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In the current financial climate, where savings offer extremely low interest rates and stock market appears volatile, property is extensively considered the best investment option. In addition, all our investment opportunities include a security in the form of first or second charge on a property, providing safety net in any unforeseen circumstances.

We can offer both fixed rate annual return or for more substantial investments, a profit share options with potential returns of over 40% per annum.

If you are interested in investing in development projects with us and want to find out more in terms of project types, expected returns, financial commitment or structure, please get in touch. We welcome enquiries from individual sophisticated investors, family offices, hedge funds and private equity firms.


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Building long lasting relationships with new and existing partners is essential to our success. We are committed to growing and expanding our partnerships with like minded professionals such as finance brokers, agents, designers and contractors in order to produce high quality buildings. It is our priority to ensure that the relationships are mutually beneficial at all times.

We would be pleased to hear from individuals and agents that know of any potential development opportunities.
Excellent introducers fees are offered for the right sites that meet our criteria.

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